14 Farmhouse Style Wall Decor Ideas to Match the Interior Design

One of the most popular interior styles these days is the modern farmhouse look. Characterized largely by organized clutter, naturally textured materials and fabrics, distressed wood, galvanized steel, plus a handful of neutrals to accentuate.

If you’re a homeowner who fancies the lifestyle of the countryside and wish to incorporate the very same feel of the rural landscape in your own urban home, then you can consider a few of these wall decoration tips to spruce up your farmhouse-styled home.


What does farmhouse style interior design entail? 

Farmhouse-style interior decor is more popular than ever because more and more people are open to embracing tradition and surrounding themselves with things that generally feel good.

Classic farmhouse interior design evokes the feelings of comfort and warmth. It’s perfectly traditional without being fussy and the atmosphere it generates is comfortable. It gives off the vibe that makes you want to place your feet up, sit back, and relax.

It’s all about putting comfortable furniture and salvaged materials together. For this reason, antiques and family heirlooms fit right at home in a classic farmhouse interior.

Classic farmhouse interior decor shares similarities with country-style interior decor. But while country tends to rely heavily on accessories, farmhouse keeps them to a minimal and keeps a level of sophistication.


Farmhouse Style Wall Decor Ideas

Before you choose the perfect farmhouse-style wall decor every room, consider these elements for input and to achieve the classic farmhouse look too. In general, furniture should appear sturdy and should be inviting to encourage people to relax.

  • Stick to warm color palettes or cool neutrals, plus natural woodsy tones.
  • Use colors that you love as accent pieces.
  • Make use of textures to add depth.
  • Mix and match woods and metals; but also cotton, canvas, chenille, wool, etc.
  • Include metals like hardware, light fixtures, and other architectural details like stair railings.
  • Be minimalistic with the accessories.
  • Make use of organic materials in interior decor to maintain an outdoorsy feel.


Living Room

The living room is a great place to start with hanging farmhouse-style wall decor. It’s the place where the family comes together and where you welcome visitors. It would make sense that you would want to emphasize this part of the home decorating process.

You want your communal room to feel homey and generate a calming atmosphere. Here are a couple of wall decor ideas to try.

Installing a Faux Fireplace


This is a great idea for living rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate extra decor. If your farmhouse-style living room doesn’t have a fireplace, it’s a great idea to build your own faux one. Inexpensive, but brings a homey and cozy feeling to a communal room all the same.

A Gallery Wall

Sprinkle a tiny bit of modern interior design into your farmhouse-styled interior. And something that would fit right in is an artfully made gallery wall. You can choose a mix of your favorite quotes, artwork, family photographs in various sizes and styles. But for a cohesive look, choose photographs that are mini to medium-sized.

Reworking Old Wood into Rustic Wooden Decor


If you’ve worked on wooden projects before, it’s a good idea to scrap some wood that you’ve got lying around in the shed or the garage — around the house, really. You can use these to create lovely wall signs that you can use all-year long. Use white paint to wonderfully contrast the darker wood underneath.


Hallways and Foyers

Hallways are less likely thought of when it comes to decorating wall spaces. Foyers get a little more attention. But both are equally important, and simply because empty wall spaces are a pain to look at.

In addition, decorating foyers should be a part of your plans, because it’s what greets you at the end of a long day. All-year freshness is definitely a must.

Add Wreaths on Front Doors


Decorate front doors with homey wreaths to accessorize a front door and give your rustic end tables a coupled accessory.

Wreaths are great for pulling looks together and tying the rest of the decor nicely. It also looks really good when your guests enter your home for the first time. To add something else equally stylish, you can add small hanging plants on either side.

Farmhouse Window Frames


Windows contribute plenty to a home. But aside from being your view to the outside world, windows — specifically old ones — are great for decorating empty wall spaces. They’d look great hanging above staircases, or arranged into a gallery in your home’s hallways.

To add antique charm to your old windows, you can sand off a bit of the paint.

DIY Indoor Plant Decor


Indoor greenery works wonders for sprucing up small apartments to large-scale homes. It’s a must when you want to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors. You have fake plants and succulents, and they don’t require extensive care like other outdoor plants do.

And simply because, any farmhouse-styled interior can never be complete without indoor plants and their DIY holders.


Dining Room

Next to the living room, the dining room is the second communal room in the entire house. Furthermore, it’s a place to host small yet lovely dinner parties with relatives or friends. And for dining rooms, an atmosphere that screams fresh-off the farm is great — not to mention appetizing.

Hang Mirrors with Bold Frames


Another example of unique wall decor for a farmhouse-styled interior design is to hang a mirror in the dining room. And to make it a real statement, choose mirrors that have bold frames made of rustic wood. If you get a round mirror, it adds a modern element to your rustic decor.

Repurpose Old Wire Baskets


If you have a set of old wire baskets lying around the house, you can repurpose them and turn them into farmhouse wall decor. These would look charming in your dining room. All you need to do is attach glass jars to the inside and finish off the look with faux flowers or freshly cut ones.

Hanging an Antique Advertising Billboard


Depending on how lucky you get at your local thrift store or flea market, you can score yourself an outdoor advertising billboard. It’s very vintage, and is a great way to add an extra touch of rustic to your dining area. Plus, it makes a statement all on its own.



Who ever said your kitchen had to be boring?

It’s the room in the house that receives a lot of workload. You make meals here three times a day, coupled with other miscellaneous activities. And let’s just say that your farmhouse-styled kitchen will never truly be complete if it’s devoid of matching wall decor.

Use an Old Wooden Ladder as a Wall Shelf


Don’t throw away the wooden ladder you never use anymore. Repurpose it into wall shelves instead. And if the rungs are too slim to hold anything appropriate — like photographs or trinkets, you can make slight changes to those so they can accommodate small pots of succulents, family picture frames, and other knick knacks.

Repurposing Displaced Doors


Much like old window frames, old doors aren’t useless…

Your old doors can act as a focal point in the kitchen — if you have one wall of empty space, that is. You can turn that old door into a host for other cool trinkets to hang from. Try hanging wreaths, or attaching small plants on either side.



Your bedroom is the place to let your personally truly shine. It’s your space and your place of comfort. So, in addition to generating an atmosphere of tranquility, you are freer to decorate this room as you please.

And for farmhouse style interior decor, here are three ideas that would match the rustic themes you have going on.

Wooden Wall Art


Nothing works quite so well with a farmhouse-styled interior decor than with adding modern feels. You can have your favorite photographs or prints rendered into custom wooden wall art — for a more rustic feel.

Mount Faux Animal Heads

If you’re one of those people who like the vibe a cabin in the woods can bring, then you can totally splash in farmhouse decor into your bedroom by hanging faux mounted animal heads above the bed. Partner the look with a couple of wooden nightstands, and there you have it.

Create a Statement Wall Made of Old Window Shutter

Everyone knows how important it is to replace damaged window shutters, knowing how useless they are for serving their true purpose. But they’re not really useless when you can clearly turn them into farmhouse-style wall decor.

Window shutters are great for making rustic statements in your bedroom. The more damaged it is, the more charming and antique-looking it is. It adds flavor and personality to a bedroom.


Charm Visitors with Farmhouse-style Wall Decor

There are many elements and inspiration needed to pull off a successful and charming farmhouse interior design. Fill up blank walls with pretty and creative wall art to add pops of color and texture.

And whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping a current style, it’s time to take some ideas and create the rustic farmhouse you’ve been dreaming of.

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