12 Ideas for Upgrading Your Home’s Entrance

Being a homeowner comes with so many benefits, from having the ability to design your home however you want, to being able to redecorate it whenever you feel like it. And let’s be honest, it’s not a rare occurrence that we get bored with how our home looks and want to do some remodeling.

Luckily for us, remodeling and redecorating ranges from small home improvements such as repainting the walls and changing the curtains all the way to knocking down some walls and creating a completely new layout. However, when we talk about remodeling, the first rooms that come to mind are usually the kitchen and the bathroom seeing as how we use them the most and often need some practical upgrades.

On the other hand, we also get tired of the look of our home and want to spruce it up a bit. If you feel like your house doesn’t look as inviting as it once did and you think that the entrance should be upgraded a little bit, you’ll be glad to hear that this, just like any other type of renovation, can be done on a larger scale as well as kept a bit low-key. Keep on reading for some essential ideas for all sorts of budgets.

Replace the hardware

One of the cheaper options at your disposal is replacing the hardware on your door. Purchasing a new handle, knocker, mail slot or house number and finding something that is quite unique is sure to make your door stand out. You can consider going through some antique shops, yard sales or looking online to see whether there are some vintage items that usually look much better than the mass-produces ones sold at hardware stores and can be a lot more affordable as well. What is important, of course, is that you find pieces that match your door and the overall aesthetic of your home. Sure, you want it to draw attention but you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Finally, when replacing the handle, make sure the size is consistent with the previous one.

Upgrade the lighting

Another project that doesn’t have to be too expensive is getting new light fixtures. In case the old ones are kind of rusty, outdated or simply don’t work properly, or you didn’t even have any lights, to begin with, you should look for some cute fixtures that will really bring this area to life. When choosing the pieces, make sure they match the look of the whole home. So, if your home is more on the modern side, get some sleek, chrome lights. If it’s more traditional, find a piece that fits in with that style. Seeing as how symmetry is very pleasing to the eye, you should get two pieces – one on each side of the door and thus ensure that everyone can see where the entrance is. Furthermore, if you have a little pathway to your front doors, you can also add some recessed lights that can show your visitors the way during the evening. Of course, go for LED lights to be energy-efficient and consider motion-activated lights to save on the bills as well.

Put on a fresh layer of paint

One of the bigger changes that is still not too expensive and you can do on your own is putting a new coat of paint on your home. Some fresh paint always boosts the look of any room or façade so why not give it a go? You can keep it simple and use the same color or you can opt for a dramatic change. For instance, if your house was a neutral color such as beige or off-white, why not make a bold statement by going deep red or bright yellow? Of course, you can go the other way as well. If you think your house is a bit too bright, you can tone it down by going for something a bit subdued. You can match it to your neighbors’ homes or make it stand out – the choice is yours. As we said, you should be able to do this without any help but if you are not confident in your skills or your house is too tall for you to safely reach everything, it’s best to turn to painting experts from the area.

Change the whole façade

While repainting your façade is one way to go, you can also choose to redo your exterior in its entirety. For example, if you have plain walls, you can choose to add some brick or stone tiles. Cladding the walls with a flexible stone veneer will give your home a new look in no time. Plus, this option is waterproof so it can last you for a long time, especially if you seal it. Moreover, you can also add wooden or metal elements. For a project like this, you will probably need some professional help – that is, of course, unless you have some DIY experience in this field.

Replace the doors

Regardless of whether you decide to change your whole façade or not, one element that you can consider changing is the entrance doors. If the ones you currently have installed are worn-out, not functioning properly and not aesthetically pleasing, you should get a new door. The offer is huge nowadays so you will definitely find something that matches your taste – so much so that you might have a hard time picking just one. There are traditional styles with stained glass options, wood carvings and even ironwork. On the other hand, modern ones can be quite geometric, minimalistic and, above all, dramatic. What is more, they now come in so many colors that you can easily choose something that will stand out against the shade of your façade. If the exterior of your home is light and neutral, you can install black or red doors, and vice versa. In addition, new doors will provide you with more security and are sure to be more energy-efficient.

Get new windows

If you’re getting new doors, why not get new windows that match as well? Not only will they improve the energy efficiency of your home but they will also spruce up its look. Just like doors, there are many options to choose from, so you can easily find the style, size and color you need. Alternatively, if both your doors and windows are in good shape and don’t need replacing, you can simply paint them to breathe some new life into them.

Place a welcoming mat

A quick and cheap way to refresh your entrance is to replace your doormat or add one if you don’t have it already. The great thing about doormats is that they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They can be thick and woven to create a farmhouse vibe. They can be made of cast iron or twisted coir fibers. Placing quality outdoor mats in front of your entrance is very practical as they can absorb large amounts of moisture and thus keep your home clean. Lastly, you can opt for something timeless such as a mat that is monogrammed or one with a welcoming message.

Add greenery to your porch

Adding some greenery to the porch is always a good idea. A potted plant on each side of the entryway will give it a gorgeous symmetrical look so think about getting some evergreen types as then you will not have a lot to do when it comes to keeping them alive. You can add some flower boxes in front of the windows as well.

Redo your stairs

In case there are stairs leading up to the entrance, you need to ensure they are in top shape. You do not want a cracked step to cause someone an injury so make sure you fix it. On the other hand, if you are not happy with the material of the stairs because they are too slippery or are showing a lot of wear, you can invest in new stairs and make them from scratch. Consult with some professionals to see how it should be done.

Create a new path to the door

If there are no stairs but a simple path to the door, you should try to enhance it as much as you can. We already mentioned putting lights next to it but if it is cracked, think about redoing it and pouring out new concrete or paving it from the beginning. There are so many tiles you can opt for, from natural stone to clay brick pavers, and various patterns how you can arrange them.

Redesign your landscaping

The landscaping around the entrance plays a pivotal role as well. For instance, if you have shrubs and trees all around your property, you might be risking your front door being out of sight. If this is not something that you want, you should look for a way to trim this greenery in order to make your façade the star of the show. Furthermore, make sure the grass is healthy and green as patches of dead grass are sure to ruin the impression one gets of your home. Finally, the hardscaping should not be ignored either – we mentioned the path earlier, but your sidewalk and driveway should also be in impeccable condition.

Make it a safe space

If you have a porch, maybe you’d like to use it as a space where you can spend your mornings drinking coffee and reading the papers. Adding a comfy seating area and a table is a splendid way to utilize this often underused area of the home. You can even host people here or stay updated with what is going on in the neighborhood. Plus, having a roof over your head is a great way to stay safe from the elements and not have to stand in the rain while looking for your house key, for example.

These twelve ideas range from super affordable and DIY to something that might need a bigger budget and some professional help but if you have the funds and the will, why not go for it? Hopefully, these suggestions provided you with the needed inspiration.

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