10 Steps to Consider When to Build a Home Bar

Ever wanted to know how to build a home bar? This article tells you how!

Designing and creating a bar is not as challenging as you may think.  Most people enjoy such a project, as you can go wild with your creativity.  In-fact, it is the one room that has no rules when it comes to the décor!  Follow our guide below to help you build a home bar.


  1. Use a Suitable Room

I you have a spare room downstairs, then this is probably the best space for a bar.  Separating your bar room from others means you can easily create a theme within that room.  If you do not have a spare room, then you could create a bar within an existing room, such as a kitchen or lounge.  However, it is only possible to have a home bar if you have excess space.  A bar does not have to be big, but placing it in the wrong location may make it look awkward.


  1. Create a Blank Canvas

It is best to strip the room back to basics, and start from a blank canvas.  This will make is easier to visualise where the bar will go, and what the décor may look like.  This is the stage where you will need to think about your bar dimensions and shape.  If you have lots of room, then you may want to consider a back bar too, as well as a front one.  Back bars are good for preparing drinks such as cocktails.


  1. Draw your bar Layout

I cannot stress how important the planning stage is when designing a bar layout.  Problems are very hard and expensive to correct once a bar has been completed.  Once your bar is complete, it is essential you can move around your bar comfortably.  Make sure you get it right first time by following these tips:

  • Ideal bar depth = Minimum of 30cm.
  • Ideal Bar High = Approximately 110cm.
  • Ideal Space behind bar = At least 80cm from back wall, or back bar.
  • Typical fridge measurements = A typical bar fridge is approximately 60cm wide x 53cm deep x 90cm high. However, make sure you select your fridges before you start planning, and take note of their dimensions.  You should also check how much ventilation space they need once installed.


  1. Plan your Electrical Connections

You need to make sure you have the necessary electrical connections for your bar.  Ensure you have more than enough plug sockets, you will be surprised how many you will need!  Think about the type of bar equipment you may have in the future, such as music systems, lighting systems, TV’s, ice machines, etc.  You may also consider putting in things like a wired network, USB charging sockets, and feature lighting.


  1. Think about Mood Lighting

When you go out for a drink, you will notice that most commercial bars have fantastic lighting.  Creative lighting can really change the mood of your bar.  There are many lighting options available, such as:

  • LED strip lights provide an array of colour. They are also flexible.
  • Edison style element lights create a more industrial feel.


  1. Construct your Bar using Kitchen Units

Design your home bar using kitchen units, also known as carcass units.  They are perfect for home bars as they are cost effective and come in a range of sizes.  Please note that kitchen units also come in different depths and heights.  It is likely tall wall units will be the most suitable, but remember to buy legs for them to give the extra height you need! Most kitchen companies offer free designs, so you might as well make use of it! They will help to plan your bar to your measurements, and will be able to plan exactly what units you need to achieve what you want.


  1. Construct you Bar Top

By this stage, you should have your kitchen carcass units installed.  If so, you can now concentrate on your bar top.  The bar top will depend on the theme you are trying to achieve.  If you are going for traditional, then maybe a rustic wooden bar top is what you need.  A more modern look could be achieved using stones such as marble or granite.  Or you could even go for something different such as copper or stainless steel.

Do you have a simple, straight bar? If so, then you may be able to get materials cheap, by getting an off-cut.  Such off-cuts are usually available at stone yards for example, where you could buy a piece of granite for a discounted price.


  1. Decorate the Bar Front

The first thing your guests will see is the front of your bar.  Below are some good ideas of how you can decorate the front of your bar.  You can choose one that may suit your theme:

  • Stick a large mirror to the front of your bar. This helps brighten up dark rooms.
  • Fix a quilted fabric to your bar, to create a sophisticated look.
  • Install slate or wooden effect tiles to provide a natural look.


  1. Decorate the Room

By now you should have created your drinks bar.  But it will still not feel like a bar environment without a creative room décor.  Make sure the area surrounding your bar matches your theme.  For example, you could have kegs for tables if you are going for a traditional theme.  You should also pay attention to your lighting; dim lighting is usually more ideal.  Soft background lighting sets the mood, giving the room more character.


  1. Install your Bar Equipment

A bar would not be a bar without the essentials.  Some kind of fridge is a must, ideally a bar fridge which shows off your alcohol stock.  You will also need an impressive collection of glasses.  Some people like to have drinks optics on the back wall, especially if you have a back bar as well.


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