10 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Renovations

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Today, we will go over the 10 most important questions to ask yourselves in order to prepare for renovation project. These steps can be applied to all types of renovation projects, whether your plan to is to redo your entire basement, or simply repair your deck.

  1. What projects should you address?

    The first question concerns the type of work to be carried out. The decision to either hire a professional or to carry out the work yourself depends on the type of project. Although your do-it-yourself skills may allow you to perform simple tasks such as painting, jobs such as plumbing, electrical or, load-bearing walls must be handled by professionals to maximize safety and results.

  2. Is it feasible?

    If you wish to carry out more complex work during your home renovation, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the feasibility of your project. The assistance of an architect is a plus because he has the skills to answer your questions.

  3. What budget to foresee?

    Using a professional will allow you to obtain an external opinion on your project, but also a detailed quote of the cost of the work. You will have an idea of the cost of your home renovation. These professionals can even give you some technical advice on the work to be done. A quote should always be free.

  4. Is it necessary to do an inspection?

    It may be necessary to make a general diagnosis of your home to identify any weaknesses that may need to be corrected during the renovation. The thermal, acoustic, electrical, and sanitary diagnoses will enable you to define the work required to optimize your comfort and the energy consumption of your home.

  5. Who carries out the work?

    The cost and the duration are important, but knowing precisely who takes care of the work will allow you to properly follow-up of your project. Ask the contractor about the project’s milestones or if some of the specialized work will be subcontracted to other trades.

  6. Which materials to choose?

    Deciding on materials and products is sometimes complicated. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why the timelines have to be extended. Base your selections on availability, price, and quality. Make sure your contractors know how to tailor the work to your style while keeping your budget intact.

  7. What about the owner?

    If you are a tenant, you must first obtain the consent of the owner before performing any work. Only the owner can authorize any work that is to be done on his property. Consider obtaining written and signed authorization to avoid any future conflicts.

  8. Which professional to choose?

    If the cheapest contractor can raise doubts about his skills or the quality of the materials used, the most expensive is not necessarily better. Ask your friends if they can recommend a serious professional. Otherwise, forums allow finding opinions of other consumers. You can also call a company like SmartReno. We will be able to refer the right contractors for your project from among our extensive network of professionals.

  9. A general contractor or a specialized contractor?

    Hiring a general contractor offers the advantage of having only one main point of contact. On the other hand, obtaining the services of several contractors can be advantageous in terms of price. It may however be more complicated to monitor progress and efficiency.

  10. Is an architect necessary?

    These professionals can be an asset for better follow-up especially if you do not have much time to monitor your work. If structural changes are not foreseen, a project coordinator can replace the architect.


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